105 of this law will be introduced in Parliament a bill to end

Ganges river steamer and boats for shipping to encourage tax collectors, youth publications in relation to preventing the spread of harmful laws, including 105 old and irrelevant A Bill to repeal laws introduced in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Repeal and Amendment Bill 2017 was introduced.

Prasad said, "So far in 1175 we have old and irrelevant laws revoked. 105 through the bill repealing the laws would be old and irrelevant. " Repeal and Amendment Bill 2017 related to salaries and pensions of the President and Vice President to the legislation will be repealed.Under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act will be repealed laws also.

Under this tax Act, 1867 Ganges also laws to be repealed in which it is placed in the list ofprovisions that had been in the river Ganga from Allahabad to encourage shipping between Danapur come '12 'No more tax will be charged . The list of youth on preventing the spread of harmful publications spoke of repealing laws that went.